Thursday, November 02, 2006


Both :) Jack on Left Palmer on Right

Jack soooo not enjoying his Rooster outfit :(

Can you believe the boys are 17 months already? They are getting so big and changing everyday it seems! They are such little men!! Their personalities are so different it is unbelievable! Palmer has turned into the biggest cuddle bunny!! He loves to give hugs and kisses and sit on your lap or rest his head on your shoulder! Jack also loves to give kisses but it so busy seeing everything that he does not have time to stop and give hugs! Palmer has also turned into a MAJOR Mommas boy. Which of course bothers Jeffrey to no end as Palmer was always "his baby." Of course I love it :)

The boys had their first official Halloween this year. They were too little last year and still on the monitors so we did not take them out. This year we went to about 6 houses in the neighborhood. It was cold and rainy outside but the boys had a great time marching up the steps and knocking on doors.

We had pictures made today that i am attaching. There is a picture of them in their Halloween outfits. Palmer had a great time getting his picture taken but Jack really did not want any part of it.