Friday, February 29, 2008

A day outside!

Picking up pine cones or I should say what THEY call pine cones
Playing with sticks!! Don't worry! No one got hurt and I IMMEDIATELY took the sticks away!

Playing Peek a Boo!

Jack knocking on the neighbors fence. Palmer at the tree

It was finally nice enought (high 40's and sunny) to go out and play for a short time today. The boys have been growing very tired of being in the house every day due to rain, snow , and ice. They love the fresh air and I did too!! We took a walk around the block and looked for pine cones ( their favorite thing to do) Here is a fre pictures!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Snow, coloring, mail and an update

The boys have FINALLY learned their ABC's. It has been the death of me to teach them. I have been singing and singing and writing and writing over and over and they have been REFUSING to learn them. I would sing and they would tell me to HUSH. Or they would not repeat them. I was getting so worried. Asking "What is wrong with them? Is something mentally wrong do they need to be evaluated? " And then they got it! They say them FINALLY! Or at least Palmer says them over and over again and Jack says them when asked!!! Hey it is a start!!!

Though Palmer did do something cute! When I was writing them I asked him to repeat them and he said J K L M N CEREAL P Q....I said what? I realized that the O to him looked like a Cheerio.........How silly

Palmer is on a kick rick now and thinks he is the mail man. Our mailman wears a blue hat and carries a boue bag so Palmer has to have a blue hat too!! Here is Palmer as the Mailman! He will walk around the house giving everyone mail letting everyone know he is the mailman and his name is "Joe".....Funny thing is our mailman's name is Patrick hmmmmmmmm.
Here is my artist at work! Jack can sit and color for hours and hours!!!

Over the past 2 weeks on Tuesdays Louisville has seen snow. The boys have loved it!! I however have not! They are toastly warm in their snow suits and I am freezing to death!!!! They have a ball making a snowman. It had a head though Palmer knocked it off. We did put a new head on it before going inside! Palmer in the red hat

Palmer in the sled

Palmer in Red hat. Jack in hood Hard at work making snowman