Friday, April 11, 2008

Palmer's Big Accident

Palmer as a ALLIGATOR!! Watch out!! Chomp!
Palmer Taking off the Xray bib
Dirty boys!
Jack cute as a button!
Palmer sliding
Palmer being a BIG boy at the Dentist
My Big boy
Laid back! Time to explore!

While playing at the pool yesterday morning Palmer got out to get a noodle to play with and he slipped on the tile and chipped his front tooth!! Oh my poor little guy. This is his first big accident. (Well beside when he swallowed a Christmas light bulb...and another trip to the Er luckily it came out a few days later and he was fine.....) So I rushed him to the dentist after I dropped Jack off at my friends house. Thank God for friends! Palmer was a great trooper!

You would think he goes to the Dentist every day! He was not scared at all! And this was not his normal Dentist. Or the dentist he went to when he was 2. This was the on call Dentist. She was WONDERFUL with him and he did not scream or cry! He was happy as a lark and let them take xrays like a champ! THANKFULLY there was no nerve damage. He has to go back in 3 weeks to have a re eval. He could still lose the tooth because there are fractures in the tooth itself but she is hopeful that that might not happen. She did not want to bond it yesterday since there was trauma to it and was hopefully do it in 3 weeks. She also said that it could turn grey. I really hope that this does not happen. I just feel so bad that he got hurt.

Of course I took pictures of him at the Dentist. I am sure they thought I was a bit odd for doing so but I *HAD* to document it all for his first big fall. He woke up this morning and said that his boob boo tooth hurt. My poor baby. Lots of snuggles and cuddles in store for today!!!

After the Dentist we went to a park that we saw on the way home. It has rained for a few days so it was quite muddy but I allowed the boys to go anyways since Palmer asked to go. Oh were they dirty. The park/playground was not that nice but they had fun!

Here are a few pictures of the day!


Thursday, April 03, 2008

A day at the Zoo

It was FINALLY nice enough outside to go to the zoo!! We actually went 2 days in a row!! Palmer woke up yesterday and asked "Bye bye car? Go see animals zoo? Please?" How can you tell a adorable kiddo NO when they ask so sweetly and THEN say Please? So off we went to the Zoo...........again. I think it was only 60 degrees which is a heatwave for us. However after the weather we have been having I will take it!! The sun was out! There was no snow or rain! Just sunshine! The boys were happy! What more could you ask for!

Here are a few pictures from our day at the zoo! Sorry they are not edited. I have no clue how to edit them and my husband is out of town.

Jack is in the Blue hat and Palmer is in the Tan hat.

Walking together.

Time for a Water break


EEK! Spiders!!!

Palmer very excited about his "duck duck Gooses"
I think they are planning a run for it

Climbing on the rocks

Say Cheese!

Jack again!


Jack and a stick

For some reason I had so many more of Jack than Palmer this time. Which is odd because normally it is Palmer I have more of.

After the Zoo we came home changed clothes and went to dinner with Hope of who Palmer thinks is "His Hope" and he will proudly tell you! Jack even calls her Palmer's Hope. We all had a great time at dinner and we can't wait until next month when Hope gets her referral!!!! Though I think Palmer is going to be a bit jealous of missing his tickle time!!!