Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Strawberry picking...feeding goats...and playing at the park!

Palmer feeding a goat and being so sweet
Palmer getting mad that the other kids are bouncing near him
Another picture of Palmer feeding a Goat
The boys telling me they are "cooking" at the playground we went to after a long day of strawberry picking
Jack in a tunnel

Both feeding the goats
Jack being his cute little self
Jack getting more corn to feed the goats
Palmer getting ready to feed the goats

I tried to post some pictures of our day picking strawberries and playing at the petting zoo but it kept kicking me out after posting theses pictures. I will try to post more pictures later.

The boys had a blast picking Strawberries!!! Though once they realized they could eat them they no longer put them in the box!!! The day was SOOOO very hot but well worth it for the smiles the boys gave me for taking them!

Jack on a mission!
Palmer again
Palmer taking a break
Jack picking Strawberries! Yummy!