Friday, March 14, 2008

Snow days AGAIN!!!

We had a HUGE snow storm last week!! The boys had a blast playing in it on Friday when we only had 4 inches. When we woke up Saturday morning and we had 14 inches they were not so thrilled to play in it!!! Palmer kept walking and saying "I stuck I stuck" It was just too cute!!! If I knew how to post videos I would post some videos of them playing in the snow.
It was the first snow that they were able to play in with their daddy! He is always out of town when it snows! Luckily his flight arrived at 1pm on Friday so he was able to be home before all the flights were cancelled and the roads were really bad.
Here are some photos of the snow. Thankfully it was melted 2 days later and like returned to normal!

Palmer is learning how to make a snow ball!! A very important life skill!!!
Meanwhile Poor Jack is working hard at shoveling the walkway!
Palmer attempting to climbing the tree
Palmer getting stuck in the snow for the 1234th time!
Climbing on the shoveled snow hill!

My beautiful Jack
Jack and I
Palmer stuck again and Jack wriping the snow off of Daddy's rental car
Snow Saturday morning

Snow Friday afternoon