Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We have BIG news!!!

So much has happened over the last few weeks! The boys are FINALLY over pneumonia! Lordy be it was dreadful! Luckily we were able to stay out of the hospital and just made frequent trips to the pediatrician for check ups. I think that if I were not a nurse they might have thought differently about keeping Jack out of the hospital because the Pediatrician was really worried about him but I felt comfortable about taking him home and watching him myself. PLUS i felt he would just get sicker at the hospital. Lord knows what he would have picked up there in addition to what he already had! And thankfully we made the right choice and he got better staying home!! The boys are now fever free for over a week now and ready for their Birthday Party this Sunday!!!

Now for our BIG news......We are moving back to FLORIDA!!!!!!!! THANK GOD! When we moved back to Kentucky 2 years ago it was never a permanent thing and luckily my husbands new position allows him to live anywhere in the country and we have decided since we really REALLY hate it here in Kentucky and miss our friends and life back in Florida that we will be returning there at the end of Summer. I have been jumping for joy ever since we made the official decision. I miss the beach. I miss the sunshine. I miss Disney World. We will miss our friends here in KY a great deal .....but they can always come and visit :)

Here are some pictures of the boys from today. Since the sun came out today I took them to the park to feed the ducks and play for a bit.

On another great note......... A good friend received her referral for her daughter! We are so happy for her ...well.....All of us except for Palmer....who thinks that Hope http://www.babyizabella.blogspot.com/ is only his and very jealous of anybody else being near her! As she is "Palmer's Hope"


Palmer holding the bread
Jack on the Left Palmer on the right
Palmer being silly


Shana said...

Oh they are just SO cute! I'm glad they are feeling better, and congrats on moving back to sunny Florida!

Happy birthday tomorrow, boys!!!

Hugs, Shana

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday sweet boys!